23 Oct. 2022

Social anxiety

A certain degree of discomfort and tension in contact with a new person is common and natural. It is also not unusual in situations such as giving presentations or evaluations (recruitment, exams). However, sometimes the anxiety associated with social situations is so strong that it hinders our functioning and the pursuit of important goals. It complicates engaging in activities valuable to us, forming friendships, and establishing relationships.

The fundamental elements of social anxiety include:

Fear of negative evaluation. This is the fear that others will judge us negatively, thinking that we are stupid, incompetent, strange, weak, etc., and consequently mock, disdain, or reject us.

Self-focus. In intense social anxiety, our attention is focused on how we come across in interactions with others and the impression we make on them. We contemplate our behavior, trying to control how we speak, and even our facial expressions. Unfortunately, the more we try to control our behavior, the more awkward it may appear.

Avoidance of social situations.

Individuals with strong social anxiety have many beliefs regarding the competitive nature of interpersonal relationships and often engage in self-comparison. They also have high expectations for social behaviors, believing that one should be witty, relaxed, talkative, and clever in conversation, and should never show nervousness. Characteristic of social anxiety thinking is worrying about interaction with people (“what if I come across poorly?”) and analyzing one’s behavior after interacting with people.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on changing the thinking that triggers social anxiety and changing behaviors that perpetuate the problem (avoidance, control, worrying, and rumination).

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