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Integra Mente was created with the mission

We base our therapeutic work on a conceptualization of the problem (cognitive model of the problem), developed together with the patient. We jointly establish the goals of therapy so that the patient is aware of the change he or she is striving for.


We work in accordance with the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist Code of Ethics and the Psychologist Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. We regularly use supervision, i.e. consultations with experienced psychotherapists, to ensure the correct course of the therapy process. If we are unable to help with a particular problem, we redirect the patient to an appropriate specialist.


A sense of security

Our offices provide full freedom. We are committed to patients' sense of security. Calmness and focus help to understand many aspects of our lives, so the right atmosphere is important to us. It is what often inspires our and Patients' mindfulness.

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