What does therapy look like?

Frequently Asked Questions

Cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy is an effective method of treating many mental disorders and problems. If we are not sure whether it will be helpful in our case, it is worth having a consultation meeting. During the meeting, the psychotherapist will assess whether this form of intervention will prove to be effective.

The length of a therapy depends on the type and severity of experienced difficulties. Cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy is a time-limited therapy. Patients, with the therapist’s help, strive to achieve therapeutic goals defined at the beginning of the treatment. There are problems that can be solved in a few or a dozen of sessions. Others require several months or several years of work.

A standard psychotherapy session lasts 50 minutes and takes place once a week. Some sessions may be longer (e.g. exposure sessions) and are pre-arranged with a therapist. In some cases, sessions may take place twice a week as a result of the treatment protocol or a significant deterioration in a patient’s mental state.

Psychotherapy sessions can always be cancelled. Patients do not incur any costs if they cancel their session at least 24 hours before the appointment. If the session is cancelled within 24 hours before or if a patient does not show to the meeting, the session is then fully paid.
The patient does not pay for sessions that have been previously cancelled either by them or the therapist.
If patients are late for their session, the appointment ends on time (we do not extend the session). The price remains the same. Therapy process may be significantly hindered if patients cancel subsequent appointments and these are not scheduled absences (e.g. holidays).

The above rules apply to both stationary and online sessions. All emergencies should be discussed with the therapist.
If the psychotherapist is not a medical practitioner, they cannot treat their patients with any medications. Pharmacological treatment can be prescribed by a psychiatrist.
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