12 Mar. 2023

Overcoming anger and irritability: a self-help guide using cognitive behavioral techniques

The book serves as a self-help guide where the author explains in an accessible manner the origins of irritability, frequent feelings of anger, and why we react impulsively when experiencing rage – for example, aggressively or self-aggressively. The author presents a series of cognitive (focused on thinking) and behavioral (focused on behavior) techniques that can help us change our behavior to be more adaptive and in line with our values. By engaging in simple exercises, we can better understand ourselves and acquire new skills to respond effectively in situations that easily throw us off balance.

If you need the assistance of a psychologist to better cope with anger, aggression, or self-aggression, feel free to contact us – we offer psychological consultations and therapy (cognitive-behavioral therapy) in Krakow and online. We utilize the principles of “third wave” therapies (such as dialectical behavior therapy).
Title: “Overcoming Anger and Irritability. A Self-Help Guide Based on Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques”

Author: Dr. William Davies

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