Psychotherapy for adolescents

We offer cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy for adolescents. Initial appointments with a psychotherapist involve consultations and diagnosis. It is recommended that both the patient and their parents or guardians are present. In some cases it is possible to have separate consultation meetings with parents and a teenager. During consultations, the psychotherapist conducts a diagnostic interview with the teenage patient, learns about their developmental history from their parents, and reads the documentation (opinions issued by the specialists or school employees, hospital excerpts). Then the diagnosis, recommendations and indications for therapy are presented to both the patient and carers. Consultations aim at choosing the most appropriate form of help (it can be individual/ group therapy, family therapy, parental couple therapy, or educational workshops for parents).

Teenagers have individual psychotherapy sessions where they work on their own goals set together with the therapist. The therapy may sometimes require having some consultations with some family members, but they always take place with the consent and in the presence of the patient. The psychotherapist is bound by professional secrecy, which means that the information communicated to the therapist is confidential. The exceptions would be the cases in which the patient’s health and life are in danger.

Any teenager who is older than 16 should consent to seeing a psychotherapist. Until a teenager turns 18, their parents must consent to an appointment with a psychologist or a psychotherapist.

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