Psychological consultations

Consultation is one of the short-term forms of psychological help during which you can talk to a specialist about your problem. During the appointment, the psychologist conducts a thorough interview about the patient’s problems and provides guidance in finding the most appropriate solution. If we do not know what kind of help we should get (whether it should be a psychotherapy, a medical intervention, or a consultation with an appropriate specialist), we can look for the answer at a psychological consultation. Consultations can also provide support in the event of a crisis or sudden life difficulties.

A psychological consultation is a meeting based on a cooperation between a psychologist and a patient, which means that the patient participates in it voluntarily. There are some problems that require longer therapeutic work or help provided by other specialists – we will not find a solution to all of them in one meeting.

The number of psychological consultations varies from 1 to 3. It is possible to have on-line consultations, as well as consultations in foreign languages: English and Spanish.

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